Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Mysterious Booms

We predicted it, and it came true.

On March 12, 2009, in response to The Laws of Silence "How to Destroy the World", Daurade, suggested: "Space junk."

It came to pass 17 days later: "The mysterious burst of light in the sky and loud booms witnessed Sunday night [March 29] by residents along the Mid-Atlantic coastline was likely caused by a Russian rocket booster re-entering the atmosphere, said an official at the U.S. Naval Observatory." -- CNN

Okay, so that's odd. But what about all the other unexplained, mysterious house-shaking booms over the last couple of months?

* February 5: Denton-area, Texas
* February 8: Cape Fear, North Carolina
* March 3: Southern California
* March 4: Central California coast
* March 7: Westchester, New York
* March 9: Rockland Co., New York

And what about all the similar reports date back either farther, all house-shaking, listed hear as moving back through time? We could make timelines till the cows came home, but here's just a wee sampling from 2005 - 2006 in the U.S.A.:

* February 25, 2005: Union Co., Arkansas
* March 5, 2005: Winston-Salem, North Carolina
* April 6, 2005: Los Angeles, California
* April 6, 2005: Massachusetts
* April 28, 2005: Macro Island, Florida
* December 20, 2005: Wilmington, North Carolina
* January, 2006: Alabama
* February 24, 2006: Maine
* March 13, 2006: Portland, Oregon
* April 4, 2006: San Diego Co., California
* April 6, 2006: Central California
* April 7, 2006: Jackson, Co., Mississippi

What in the hell is going on? And why is it going on in winter/spring?


  1. Funny, Gid, I thought about LoSing (!) this, but what you add as "More Booms" in in the comments woulda been my starting point. I'd heard of these booms first. Odd. I read "a swarm of microquakes". Which is about the best expression I've heard in a while! Maybe the earth is about to pop.


      Clintonville apparently explained. I thought this was a new post! I'd forgotten all about it....


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