Sunday, April 19, 2009

“Can an evil tree produce good fruit?”

We've taken a skeptical look at claims that swastika-shaped buildings pay homage to Nazis. We've detailed some the interesting Masonic features of the DC pentagram. Generally speaking, we are amused by the apparent connection of the humdrum with the arcane. But we usually eat our meals with fat grains of salt and cast dubious glances in the direction where we're told a man is gesticulating wildly in a little booth behind the curtain, rapt and nodding.  You get the picture. We're not buying into it so quickly.....

But along comes a sculpture in the middle of your new and unexpected route home, placed there as you navigate your way around the airport in order to reach the highway that will scoot you out of Dogville and back up into the fields of rape that surround your rural home.  It cannot be dismissed so easily.

Blagnac. 2009. We know it as the home of Airbus and of the airport which serves Toulouse. There you find a traffic circle by the highway called "Place de la Revolution." In the center is a sculpture which caught your eye the first go around. As if it could be otherwise. A massive silver pyramid, surrounded by a kind of armature. The light posts which ring the road are shaped oddly. There is a stylized spear-toting warrior in a Phrygian cap bearing a cockade. One side of the plaza is enclosed by a Holiday Inn.

Second time around and the armature appears to be the shape of a building. The pyramid may be a fountain. It has a hole through the middle which strikes a cord...

A hole in the pyramid....what is the missing word?

The ensemble is somehow quite....odd.

Yes, then you meet up with an old pal for lunch and he mentions a video he saw on DailyMotion. It appears this sculpture is somehow connected to the Illuminati. The pyramid has a hole like and eye within it. The pyramid is composed of thirteen layers like the one on the dollar bill, but it is finished. The stylized building pays homage to the Great Architect of the Universe. The pyramid is a fountain and under its base, the pool is a representation of the two hemispheres of the earth.


Laws of Silence was intrigued enough to take some photos of this Blagnac Pyramid. And this is what we turned up.

Here's a good view of the Pyramid. Including the cap you can count thirteen layers. The Pyramid is clearly within a house-like structure. The center hole is an abstract eye. Note the sidewalks radiate from the structure like rays of light.

So maybe you thought we were being paranoid when we read the sculpture as a stylized eye in the pyramid within a glory?

The plaque with the Declaration des Droits de L'Homme can be found on these larger bronze tablets engraved with planets swirling in and out of cosmic mists. From a distance the motifs and words are inscrutable, but the shape is very evocative. They bring to mind the stone tablets of the Ten Commandments, or tombstones....

As above, so below. The whole Pyramid structure squats over a fountain inlaid with a mosaic representing a map of the world.

What this belvedere represents is not so clear. A sampling of neighborhood children says its a dog. The observation deck is accessible via a locked gate at the base. Directly below this deck, if our interpretation of some online articles is correct, there is a metal casing housing a light which can be projected through the eye of the pyramid. The dog, the eye and the center of the shield on the other side are all positioned at the same height and situated on the same axis. It must make for an impressive effect.
According to the architect in one of these articles, the belvedere "emits a ray of light, pure and abstract, following a North/South axis parallel to the Greenwich Meridian."

This light apparently modulates in order to light up the stelae engraved with the Rights of Man as it passes through both "The Temple of Great Wisdom" from which the water flows, and the "House" representing the nation. All of this reflected in the basin called the "Planishère."

So, there you go. Laws of Silence would like to bid a fond hello to our Illuminati overlords.


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