Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Pink Animals

A good question on Yahoo Answers: "What Animals are pink? Why are they pink?"

A bad answer: "some pigs are pink, because they have a fine layer of hair, so you are looking at skin. flamingos are pink, its just the color they are, something to do with a nutrient they get from shrimp they eat. Birds do come in bright colors that you dont see other animals come in. naked mole rats are pink.. they are hairless, you are looking at pink skin. Hairless dogs and cats can be pink."

Let's see if we can add a few more animals to this equation: alligators, armadillos, bats, carbuncles, doves, ducks, earth worms, elephants, frogs, hedgehogs, hippos, some humans, iguanas, kestrel, lambton worms, lobsters, mandrake, manta rays, millipedes, moths, octopus, rats, rhinos, salamanders, shrimp, snakes, spiders, squid, and trout.

What are we forgetting?

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  1. Doh! That pink dolphin was what got me started on this whole thing!

  2. @ # 4 - "Ms. Pink" was *that* close to making the cut! After a vicious cat fight, Ms. Monroe emerged as the victorious human representative. The pic you found, however, was much better than the more oblique pics I found.

    @ # 5 - Ha! Perfect!


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