Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Struggle Continues

Recent developments in the ongoing human/animal struggle:

* A plane was pumped full of poisonous gas to kill escaped pythons.

* Humans pledged "millions" to save bees.

* 21 horses dropped dead, mysteriously, right before a polo match.

* Somalian pirates "could only lament their littleness" when thousands of dolphins rebuffed their attacks on Chinese merchants.


We "Huzzah!" a special shout out to Harper's Weekly Review, which has joined our special coverage of this ensuing event.


  1. Wait a second--there's something suspicious about that article you linked to:

    "Pharmacy: We made mistake on supplement given to dead polo ponies"

    Why did the pharmacy give a supplement to dead ponies? Do they have some sort of resurrection pill in the works?

  2. "Lament their littleness" This still makes me feel like exploding in gleeful laughter every time I read it!


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