Saturday, May 30, 2009

Crucifix in a Death Hand, pt. 4

LoS a while back translated some articles from the French press regarding a disturbed young woman who beat her mother to death with--among other objects--a crucifix. She was then placed under observation in a psychiatric hospital, where she was found dead during the night at the foot of her bed. Last we read an autopsy was ordered and then....nothing.

We'd all but given up on hearing more about this case, but as it turns out there was some follow-up. It just wasn't very loud. Apparently the autopsy revealed that:

"Les causes de la mort de cette femme sont naturelles. Elle ne s'est pas suicidée et n'a subi aucune violence."

"The causes of this woman's death were natural. She didn't commit suicide or suffer any violence."

When asked how then, she died, the procurer responded:

"Je n'en dirai pas plus."

"I won't speak of it further."

So, that clears things up.

We suspect that by being grossly incompetent in leaving the young woman alone, hospital officials would rather let this story fade away and sadly, the French legal system and media seem all too willing to comply. Which, if you know France, isn't actually all that surprising. One hand washes the other.



  1. "Mektoub" -- you sent me to Google, Daurade, where I found:

    "Mektoub" -- a) Fate (pre-destiny); b) "It is written"This mother and this daughter certainly seemed to walk the palm of fate without reading what was already written.

    But, ironically, the daughter's death is literally not written. Instead we're given, "Je n'en dirai pas plus."And that's all, foax.

    Thank you, Daurade for sharing this story.

  2. Yes, maybe Mektoub isn't the pithy Arabic word I was looking for.....


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