Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sunday Update

In Walking on the Moon we quoted a book (Dark Mission) which claims that NASA is dominated by secret brotherhoods, "with policies far more aligned with ancient religious and occult mystery schools than the façade of rational science the government agency has successfully promoted to the world for almost fifty years."

This may be true, but we haven't got to that point in the book yet. So far our criticism of his Cydonia and lunar civilization claims is this:

If you sliced author Ricard Hoagland from throat to groin, so much bullshit would spill out that you could keep a village load of organic farmers in operation for a year, at least.

Also, using the same kind of photographic "evidence" as you can find in this book, we have proof that Spider Man is a Satanist. To whit:

'Nuff said.


  1. Richard C Hoagland?

    C = Charles?

    So: Dick Chuck Hog Land?

    Where I come from, dick = penis and chuck = throw away (like garbage), which brings to mind the previous castration post, Weenie Roast which brings to mind the future post Terror Below.

    So this name, "Dick Chuck," is followed by "Hog Land"?

    Well the OED indicates that "hog" is etymologically rooted from "hag" which means "to cut, hew, chop (hack)." The term became applied to castrated farm animals, then to older male farm animals, then to pigs.

    So "Dick Chuck" = "Hog"? And Dick Chuck Hog Land suggests that our land has been castrated twice?

    Don't take it so literally.

    Instead, consider: "hog" (or castrate) in terms of its older connotation of "hew" in general (instead of specifically hewing the penis).

    Now consider: Life emerges on a planet that was held Mars at its moon. This planet is coming to an end, and in desperation, some of the life forms migrate to their moon, Mars, hewn from their home planet.

    The situation gets worse. The end is nye. Gog and Magog make their appearance on the doomed planet that Mars orbits.

    Time to get the hell outta Mars.

    So they come to Earth, now hewn again from their home planet. Hewn once from their home planet to Mars. Hewn twice when forced to leave Mars to Earth.

    So the "people" who once populated an alien planet are now twice hewn and located on Earth, and we're literally the land of the twice of hewn peoples ... as reported by Dick Chuck Hog Land?


  2. Man, you are on fire! Wonderful....this deserves to be a post in an of itself.

    I too found the name resonant but hadn't really worked on it....I wouldn't have come up with anything like this though! Were you already aware of Hoagland's support of the "exploded planet" theory or did you get that from doing research? For a comment, no less. If only more people took the time to inform themselves about the subjects upon which they comment!

    I get a kick out of imagining some alien archeologists 50,000 years from now calling us "the twice-hewn peoples".

    Also, I did come across a site which said it was indeed Richard Charles Hoagland (Hog land, "hog" as in "not share" -- resonates with the tessellation of the plane and your notion of the apocalyptic intensity ratcheting up as we run out of space -- perhaps a primordial fear growing from having lost a planet, not once but twice! Gotta hog us some of that land!)

    We are creating, bit by bit, a mythology as complex as that of the Tub, methinks....


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