Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Foot ho!

For several months the sole "Google alert" LoS has subscribed to is for the keywords "Canadian feet." Every week or so the alert faithfully arrives and we open it with a yawn to scan the news about hockey and Canadian sprinters.

Then a few days ago a familiar story showed up: A seventh detached foot has washed up on the shores around Vancouver. The human remains were in a white size 8 ½ running shoe. There's a joke about Fellini in there somewhere but we can't find it....

This article
provides some grisly humor: "....the eighth foot in two years, stumping authorities in both Canada and the...."

UK newspaper the Metro gives us the deets we were looking for: it's a right foot and the shoe was a Nike. (Classical goddess Nike was a daughter of the goddess Styx, or daughter of Oceanus and Tethys, both aquatic deities).

Strange thing is that a quick look at our post Sixth Foot Ashore from Nov. 13, 2008, when the sixth foot was found (a seventh turned out to be a hoax!), we can clearly see the foot doesn't match any of the existing finds. Seeing as two of the feet were a pair from a male the family preferred not to identify, this leaves us with at least six footless bodies out there under the waves. Which isn't so many for such a large area, really.

But it still begs the question, why don't feet bob about in other parts of the world? With the exception of one case in Sweden, we haven't heard of this same phenomenon elsewhere. Which doesn't necessarily mean foul play, but it's certainly weird....

Oh, btw, the human foot has 33 bones. This is obviously a Masonic vengeance affair!

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  1. Some of you count the steps as you walk up and downstairs. We've been there, and this comment's for you.

    The last time a foot washed ashore, we detailed the body-less feet as:

    1. 8/20/07 – male right foot; size 12 Campus near Jedidiah Island

    2. 8/26/07 – male right foot; size 12 Reebok on Gabriola Island

    3. 2/2/08 – male right foot; size 11 Nike on Valdez Island

    4. 5/22/08 – female right foot; size 7 New Balance on Kirkland Island

    5. 6/16/08 – male left foot; size 11 Nike on Westham Island

    6. 11/11/08 – female left foot; New Balance on the Fraser River

    According to The Vancouver Sun, the 7th shoe is a white, 8.5 Nike, right foot.

    According to the same article, feet #4&6 on our list belong to same person, as do feet #3&5--which brings the current feet-less person count up to 5.

    But if you've read this far, you're a step counter. Like us. The Vancouver Sun lacks detail and their timelines conflict our previous sources. The VS may be correct about the matching feet--that's certainly a logical conclusion--but "a" conclusion is a far cry from "the" conclusion.

    We await await further detail...


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