Monday, November 23, 2009

Rugby Haka

A little clarification.


  1. The New Zealand's Haka shows their team's history and pride, and they aren't afraid to show these feelings to their opponent. This also psyches them up and shows their opponents that the All Blacks will show their best abilities in the rugby games they are participating in. The showcase of manliness and skill makes the sport very fantastic and historically rich.

  2. This version of the Haka is especially impressive! Are you a player? If you're a fan, you probably know Toulouse, which is the closest point of reference to where I live. Stade Toulousain and Rugby are like religion here.

  3. True, totally impressive indeed. Also, I'm just a fan who also plays rugby (and touch rugby) with my friends. I think I've seen Toulouse, and I think I watched some of your matches on TV before.

  4. Are you American, in Colorado? I'm wondering due to the link you provided. I saw a young American team in Perpignan, visiting the town. I imagine they were there on rugby-related business as they all had matching sweatshirts and caps, maybe a training workshop?

    I'm actually American, just living in France long-term. I have to admit, I'm more a football (soccer) fan, which I played as a kid. Rugby still baffles me! Still, living near Toulouse, it's impossible not to get caught up a bit in Rugby, especially as the team is always so good. I really appreciate the culture of sportsmanship and cameraderie. In France there is always a "third half" which means the teams eat together after the match. Thus ensuring a friendlier attitude.

    The fans are much friendlier too!

  5. Yup, I'm American. Those were the team I watched in person on a regular basis (or whenever I am not busy at work or whenever I'm free).

    True, even until now, rugby still baffles me, just as the same as soccer, it's like "How can they last for that long? Aren't their lungs giving out?" Totally awesome. Another thing I loved when watching those matches is the fact that the fans gave out their support for their team, that's a massive morale boost, it's a perfect harmony.


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