Saturday, February 20, 2010

Adolf Hitler: Master Thespian

In a recent post I included a picture of Hitler to illustrate the understatement of the tagline "Man playing ukelele" in a YouTube video of a man, well, playing the ukelele. But really, really well.

In light of another two recent posts which feature a Hitler photo (satire) and swastika cheesecake, I thought it might be useful to explain the context. Just in case you thought LoS was going Nazi. Hey, we admire the snappy uniforms as much as the next guy, but we haven't gone down that road. Relax.

The unexplained photo of Hitler wagging his fists comes from a series of shots Hitler had taken of himself practicing his gestures and movements for his speeches. The images at the beginnng of this post are more of the same. They may all come from the same session; I'm not sure. Suit looks the same. I'm sure this will offend, but I can't help but chuckle at this picture. The man who has become a reflex symbol for ultimate evil comes across as Dr. Doom.

If you're anything like us, you'll find this studied and rehearsed nature of seemingly spontaneous displays of anger and emotion something worth pondering. Outpourings of emotion are not always what they appear.


  1. What?!? Are you trying to tell me that acting comes in handy for politics?!? :)

    No wonder T-Paw is giving Obama such guff for teleprompting...

    That Dr. Doom comparison is pretty spot-on--and funny.

  2. I thought I'd scooped the world with that observation, Gid! haha I'm a pedantic fool.

    Anyway, this post ends this way because it originally led into some observations about the Tea Party.

    I broke the post in two because it was going too far afield from the inspiration; that and the closing line would suggest I think the Tea Party is a prefab con. Which I don't.

    So, stay tuned.


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