Friday, February 12, 2010

स्वस्तिक = 卐


  1. Spoiler Alert!

    On the SI page, the pic includes a caption stating:

    "Editor's Note: The German swastikas painted below the fuselage on the plane represent the confirmed kills by American pilot Lt. R. H. Parker during World War II."

  2. But d@mn, the way she's caressing that plane, talk about yr objektophilia!

    Interesting how her hair is so similar to the painting (length & curl) -- yet not the same color, switched from good ol' American redhead (there're more redheads in the US of A than anywhere else) to good ol' Nazi-Aryan blond!

    One question for you Daurade. In the title, what's that stuff before the swastika mean?

  3. Re: spoiler. It also mentions the model is from South Africa!

    I thought it was pretty obvious what the swastikas represented. They used rising suns on Black Sheep Squadron.

    But boy, SI was probably wise to leave it off the calendar. She caressing the plane, but perhaps too fondly gazing o'er the flags for SI's comfort!

    With her physique and hair, the suit itself, seems like a pretty logical choice for the photo, though....

    The swastika in the title is pretty crappy, no? The text before is sanskrit for "svastika"! There used to be a special character in Word for the swastika, apparently it's used on Japanese maps to indicate temples, but a removal patch was offered because people complained. (Here


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