Sunday, February 21, 2010

Hidden in plain sight

We first brought the public monument known as the Temple de la Sagesse Suprême to your attention in April. It didn't generate much comment until an enterprising turd ripped us off and with admittedly superior feed wizardry got his take diffused widely on the internets. Many of the comments we saw in the wake of this focused on the map of the world laid out in mosaic under the pyramid.

Commenters saw this as a clear indication of a plan for global domination or perhaps the Illuminati pissing on the world. Haha.

We came across a comment recently which pointed out that the mosaic no longer exists, that it has been painted over.

As it just so happens, we were able to pass by the monument recently and verify that is has in fact been effectively whitewashed.

Maybe the mosaic floor was leaking and causing problems Maybe the symbolism was too over-the-top for our Illuminati overlords. (irony)

In any event, it's gone, which is kind of sad. The idea of a highly-detailed decorative element which no one actually saw was pleasing to us.

On a related note, we came across a video on Daily Motion whilst looking for Tom and Jerry episodes for the kids.

This was called "subliminal Illuminati proof". We see nothing "sub" about it at all. More like "superliminal satire".

Enjoy this freak-fest:

Tom et Jerry subliminal illuminati preuve
envoyé par alensois. - Regardez les vidéos des stars du web.


  1. When I saw the post on the Vigilant site, I did some searches and immediately came upon your earlier posts on the subject. I had the intention of doing a post myself, mostly on Lequeu, and was going to point out the fact that he ripped you without giving due credit. You beat me to the punch ... and there's not much on Lequeu anyway besides what you pointed out in a few posts (and nothing definitive on his Masonic membership).

    Consequently, I've been lurking somewhat and have been monitoring you feed ever since. I'm commenting because something just occurred to me: Since you live in the area, and pass by it sometimes, why don't you talk to some officials who are in charge with the monument? Get an official statement on the original architect, what he was up to and other things he may have done (who financed it, etc.), and also why exactly has the world map been painted over.

  2. Hi Terry. Thanks for the supportful comment (and lurking)! Lequeu certainly is an interesting guy. The only book I can find on him is a monograph costing about 100 dollars; so, until I'm able, the internet morsels will have to do!

    As for your idea, I'm going to try and get something from the architect. I've read some stuff I think I linked to about what he called the elements of the monument, but not very much about why. The idea had crossed my mind before, but laziness and time constraints kept me from it.

    You've motivated me!

    Thanks again.

  3. I second Terry's motion!

    Go, Daurade, go!

  4. As it should, Daurade. Good efforts take good time but reward us with good results.

    Keep your eye on the ball.


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