Thursday, February 11, 2010

How to iPod With Gloves On

What's worse than 10 below and you can't iPod because you're wearing gloves?

The Koreans have a solution, but it sounds, in translation, rather perverted:

IPhone (iPhone) CJ Corporation's mini-sausages in fever Max rods admire the 'iPhone Special' is a ride

Okay. You may stop masturbating now.


  1. I'm pretty sure that this is world's first usage example of "iPod" as a verb. God help us.

  2. Nearly did a spit-take with my coffee! Literally LOL......fave quote from article:

    "....and this just fits the iPhone user base, while the poisonous celebrity, Max is on the stick...."

  3. Gid, I still giggle out loud when I read your last line.

  4. Google's working on a universal translator, Star Trek style--you know, talk into a phone and it translates live-time?

    DARPA's working on the same thing.

    (Did'ja even know that there were .mil websites?)

    What could possibly go wrong?

  5. I've read this article! Gonna put me put of a job, by gum.

    I had a colleaugue who was studying linguistics and her major focus was developing algorhythms for making better translations (mostly text)....taking word clusters as opposed to word for word. Instead of translating "s'il vous plait" as "if it pleases you" just translating it as "please."

    Fascinating stuff if yer in the same metier as I.

    I always thought that the translation of a poem should have at least two versions---one literally word for word, another which corrects for the target lnaguage's syntax and put the words in correct order and then a third which is refined and nuanced.

    That way one could see the transition in progress.

    Anyway, random thoughts. These real time translators are just around the corner, but it will never have the mind of a poet....?

  6. Woo-hoo! You can buy the fake fingers in the US now! No more takin' off the gloves to switch songs in the cold for me anymore. At least not so long as I don't accidentally leave my sausage-finger-substitute in the car over night where it freezes solid ...

  7. I guess up there in Mini-Apple S, this may actually be a useful thing. I went down to the field behind my house today to saw up a fallen tree. I was gloveless and it was only 1 degree (aka +/- 33° F) or so and damn, my fingers hurt after just 15 minutes. Up there, I can't even imagine. Then again, Ithaca was pretty effin' cold so mebbe I can....


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