Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Jake 'n' Tim

Hot *d@mn* we're excited for TED 2010!

Jake "uke-god" Shimabukaro's talk has been getting a lot of buzz (at least in my tiny internet world). Here's some snippets of an interview with Jake by Mark Frauenfelder at the conference:

If you liked this, you should listen to Jake play Let's Dance.

Of course for most of us non-Hawaiians (what would Obama think?), Tiny Tim's the man who comes to mind when you speak of the uke. I was fortunate enough to see Tim's 2nd to last performance at a private party at work.

While Tiny Tim may not have possessed Jake's virtuoso fingers, his dada-esque in-your-face-ness is admirable--and it's clear that Tim and Jake shared a certain zest for life:

God bless us, every one!


  1. Tiny Tim's bio on wiki (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tiny_Tim_%28musician%29) is worth a read. A rare bird! Apparently some of a walking musical encyclopedia. Funny thing is I heard this son on the radio not too long ago....

  2. "song on the radio", that is....

  3. Tiny Tim came to my office and played for my friend's birthday ... it was his second-to-last public performance. He passed on very soon afterwards. He looked terrible, to be truthful, but it was a wonderful show.

    1. You never told me this....how did it happen that he played for a pal's birthday? Did you interact with him at all. I've read he was very, um, eccentric....


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