Monday, March 22, 2010

"God is stronger than the NWO"

Just happened upon this article today, about the Georgia Guidestones. In light of recent posts on sacred stones, the apocalypse and even the cultural/political conflicts of our times, it is especially relevant to our discussion. Sample quote:

"The four vertical slabs that dominate the Guidestones are inscribed back and front with Christian's 10 principles, each side in a different modern language. The capstone is inscribed in the alphabets of early human civilizations -- Egyptian hieroglyphics, Babylonian cuneiform, Sanskrit and classical Greek.

The center column has a slot through which the transit of the sun throughout the seasons can be observed, while a hole higher up focuses on Polaris, the north star. Another hole in the capstone focuses a beam of sunlight onto the central pillar at noon. Those features would allow the survivors of Christian's feared apocalypse to reproduce three of the basic tools of civilization: the calendar, clock and compass."

Can't believe this is the first we've heard of it! Actually, though, this article from Wired is much more intriguing. A mysterious stranger obsessed with secrecy turns up and says he and his group had wanted to do this for 20 years; a local minister predicts it will become a magnet for occult groups--and is right; the sandblaster who made the inscriptions reported hearing "strange music and disjointed voices"; Freemasons are intimately involved etc. etc.

Fun stuff....


  1. Check out the research of the conspiracist they interviewed:

    I think it is unconscionable that the guy will take to his grave the identity of R.C Christian. He's got to think of it in historical and archeological terms. He would deprive future generations of this critical information all on the account of a "gentleman's agreement"? Perhaps it's a masonic thing. Joe Fendley of the granite company was cited as a Shriner in the Wired piece.

    The edifice, its message and supposed author, bears the signature of a Rosicrucian, new age, elite environmental philanthropic ethos that reached its apogee in the 80s and early 90s - people like Ted Turner and Maurice Strong and the globalists in the Club of Rome and the Aspen Institute. Environmentalism, population control, impeding catastrophe, world government, allusions to esotericism or occult traditions - it is all there in the saga of the guidestones, just as it is with the new age elite-turned-globalist billionaires.

  2. From the accompanying PDF:

    "Fendley, who is a very active member of the Shrine Club knew that members from time to time play jokes on each other, sometimes involving people who are not familiar with the area, and he had just about passed this incident off as one of their practical jokes when Christian reappeared with a wooden model of the monument he had described on his first visit."

    One reason Martin argued for the Elberton area was "to make erection easier and possibly more accurate, and this area was also considered by the Indians as 'the center of the world.'

    "The Purpose" speaks directly of a coming age of reason and a new world order, precipitated by a ctaclysmic event. Population control, even by legal means is promoted. The spectre of dwindling resources and running out of space are evoked.

    A world language should be suggested;our inner nature has evolved on the "tree of life."

    Dr. Francis Merchant, interpreting the "Guides":

    "The universe is put together by divine reason. Man is privileged to emulate the Great Architect by ordering his small world according to the rational faculty with which he has been endowed. The compass of reason, when rejected, leaves the individual adrift in a stormy ocean."

    This man has written it all for us!

    "Joe H. Fendley, Sr. is president of Elberton Granite Finishing Company, Inc., and Pyramid Quarries, Inc., the companies which produced the Georgia Guidestones."

    Fendly is a member of Philomathea Masonic Lodge #25 and Yaraab Shrine Temple and a 32nd degree Mason in the Scottish Rite. He was President of the Savannah Valley Shrine Club and Potentate of the Yaarab Shrine Temple.

    Merchant also seems to be a Mason, from his terminology.

    Stonecutter Horace and Frank Bradford were (are?) members of Fendley's Yaraab Temple and Shrine Club. Both are 32nd degree Scottish Rite Masons.

    Sandblaster Charlie Clamp: A Master Mason.

    Maybe RC Christian never existed? Maybe the group who wanted this built are local fellers....or maybe not.

    Damn curious tale, though.

  3. I should have said "was a member" for Fendley, btw, as he is dead....

  4. I got an email from a friend of LoS, a Mason well-versed in the symbols and iconography of Freemasonry, who told me he'd visited the Guidestones last year.

    He suggested a Rosicrucian as opposed to Masonic origin. I agree it's not a "Masonic" monument per se. Masons are not so secretive, for one! They are very public and proud about laying cornerstones, etc. (Denver Airport for example) and the square and compasses would surely be present if it were Masonic.

    I was just pointing out the Freemasons involved as a matter of course. Freemasonns would certainly be more receptive to such a monument than say, the local Baptist Church, for example! So it's no surprise a Freemason was intrigued and called on brothers to assist in the project.

    The Rosicrucian link is credible, given the name RC Christian! The are Rose-Croix Masonic degrees, of course, so there is some overlap, but again, I think if Freemasons were making a Masonic statement, there would be overt Masonic symbols.

    Does anyone know if there any "occult" groups that lay such an emphasis on population control?

    Van sSmith proposes that Ted Turner may have been involved. nHe certainly had the dough and the Guides fall right in line with his "Ten Voluntary Initiatives" (

    Which brings us full circle to Terry's original comment, esp. paragraph 2....

  5. I agree that the subject is entirely fascinating, and I confess I haven't looked hard enough into it, though I was aware of the monument for quite a while. The official history, along with the Wired article are good places to begin. The next crucial step would have to be a complete read and analysis of the Robert Christian "Common Sense Renewed" pamphlet. Why it hasn't been scanned and shared already is beyond me!

    There seems to be a Theosophical Society angle to it as well. And the modern so-called Rosicrucians are intimately linked with the group. They venerate FDR as well.

    I think you're right about looking for occult groups who subscribe to population control. That would be essential to establish. The UN is involved as well (with the translation of the languages, etc.), and "population control" has long been a preoccupation with them. The spiritual persuasion of the UN is intertwined with Theosophy and adherents of the teachings of Alice Bailey.

  6. Check this out:

    I am reading this, and did a cursory search which lead me to the bio. That's the guy who wrote the history of the monument. All the influences that I had an intuition about are there in his background, especially Theosophy and Alice Bailey. Also, while writing the comment I wanted to say something about "New Thought" as well, but couldn't express what it was that made even think of it.

  7. Yes, these influences are also discussed in the official guidebook. I should have mentioned that because Merchant wasn't a Mason, as I implied above. But the Theosophy angle is worth looking into more deeply.

    This has led me back to my copy of "The Occult Roots of Nazism". It has a lengthy discussion of Theosophy and its influence on the millenarian, nationalist, occult sects which grew up in Vienna at the turn of the century.

    The Guidestones seem to eschew the nationalism and racism of these sects, but the implication of eugenics in their messages is entirely compatible with them, especially Ariosophy.

    Just a few quick off-the-cuff remarks....

  8. Did'ja notice the date the Wired article was published?

    Speaking of dates, note that Wired pegs the "Big Event" as December 21, 2012 as the end.

    One final note--if the Wired article is to believed, Martin is not taking anything to grave:

    "In the back of his garage is a large plastic bin (actually, the hard-sided case of an IBM computer he bought back in 1983) stuffed with every document connected to the Guidestones that ever came into his possession, including the letters from Christian."

    Martin's nearly 80 years old, and while I, for one, welcome our banker/monument-building overlords, well, that's getting on up there. So ... watch the obits and be ready to hit a garage sale.

  9. Sorry if I was overly sarcastic in my previous post--it's just that the whole 4/20 thing gets me giggling like a school boy--and 2012 kinda freaks me out.

    On another note, I completely concur about watching out for population controllers. We previously hit upon this topic from a completely different point of view:

  10. Thanks for noting this, Daurade. I really enjoyed Terry's article--as you noted, he digs deep and explains well. I always enjoy reading what he has to say.

    I liked that Raymond Wiley video that he linked, too.

  11. BTW, do you recall who wrote this post--you or me? I see that it was published by you, but two or three of those sentences sound like me, and I swear I recall stumbling across that Wired article on my own ... I guess may I shot the link to you and you posted the piece, perhaps including a couple sentences from my email? Or maybe my memory's muddled. (Well, there's no question about that, actually.)

    Anyhow, I really dig our collaboration.

    Just curious is all. (See how I start sentences with "Just" instead of "I'm just"? Even though I know it's missing the subject? Totally rings of me.)

  12. I'm not sure. I think I came across this and was putting something together and you turned me on to the Wired article? I'm not sure....


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