Thursday, March 18, 2010

Political Saviors

In light of commentary generated by our last post last, we thought it might be a good idea to put up some other images with play with religious symbolism. We add these without editorial comment in the hopes that others will share their take on them. (This means you Anonymous and Terry!)

Unlike the Obama photo, these are straight photos and not Photoshop manipulations, if that makes much difference at all. I think this is more a case of snarky photographers than anything else, but some of them, the first one in particular, are real eye-poppers.

Also, two of these photos have been on LoS before and alas, I don't have dates or any context or info about where they originally appeared, as I collected them mainly just to have them hanging about the hard drive. So, apologies for omitting these crucial details.


  1. That Harry Reid photo reminds of the Hitler/Doctor Doom comparison from a few posts back, at least in the hand gestures. There is something decidely gangsterish about the trio!

  2. Touché.

    It makes you wonder about the motives of the photographers. Who exactly are they working for? Is it the job of msm photogs to cast politicians as religious idols?

    All of the above can surely be had at the Corbis archive of political pics. Finding the exact one, however, might be difficult. Here's a sample search for Harry Reid.

  3. Have you ever seen one of those tapestires with MLK and JKF, where they're pcictured like martyred saints? People actually felt (feel this way). Today I think people may be a bit more cynical about these things, so I don't know if these types of shots inspire people to regard political leders as religious idols. Even Lenin under glass is more a curiosity than a shrine.

    My take is that these photogs are merely looking for an unusual composition and that the goal is more satirical than for the purposes of deification.

    Still, one never knows the intentions of the editors who choose them. Maybe the same as their freelance photographers.

    I'll be sure to check out the Corbis archives though.

    Terry, if you ever want to write something for us here, I'd be happy to have it. I know you've got lots of projects but the invitation is open.

    I'd be happy to help with some translating, if you ever need it. French to English only. Nothing too large--I'm pretty full at the moment--but I could lend a hand from time to time.

  4. They probably don't think about it too much, but when they're taking the photograph they are intentional about composition. In other words, it is far from accidental. Likewise, the politician's handlers certainly stage the props and thus facilitate the inevitable outcome.

    I'll take the offer into consideration. I am thinking about a post on the garden of Karl Theodor of Bavaria (who suppressed the Illuminati), which includes some obscure citations from obscure articles, by J. Curl and Jan Snoek, from a hard-to-find scholarly book. Symbolism in an obscure 18th Century garden - would that be something you'd be interested in?

    I make take you up on translation too. To start off, I could just send you some things I have in the works and have you check my work for accuracy and/or maybe offer suggestions.

    I wouldn't mind studying in such a place as well. I mean I'm hooked already, and if I were to try for a degree, any dissertation I would write would be about initiatic groups or esotericism anyway.

  5. I love that Harry photo! I think that Public Enemy posed the same way once? I'm not thinking of this, but something else?

    Don't know what room Harry's in, but Cheny got caught under the same halo.

    (Not sure if that link'll work in France....)

  6. Symbolism in an obscure 18th Century garden - would that be something you'd be interested in?

    Heck yes. The garden keeps popping up in our posts, going back a ways now. I never really thought I was interested in the subject, but apparently I am. So yeah, if you want to share some of your findings here I'd be stoked.

    Like I said, I think I'll contact the U of A and see what they offer in terms of distance learning. Going back to school is a tantalizing option, as long as I can continue to put food on my family.

    As for the traduction, I've only been at it for a couple of years and have only spoken French for about 8, but I might be a useful second eye for phrasings, etc. Don't hesitate.

    Gid, that dome must be in congress, I've seen it so many times in a similar composition I stopped nabbing the images....

  7. Oh yeah, and the link works fine!


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