Thursday, March 11, 2010

Meat Island

In meat-and-island-related news this week:

* CNN fell for a fake story about a 140-year old hotdog found on Coney Island frozen in a block of ice with a receipt.

* A man watching Shutter Island was stabbed in the neck with a meat thermometer in retaliation for shushing a fellow movie-goer for talking on a cellphone.

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  1. All tied together by meat and islands! Bravo! But your meat thermometer link goes to the hot dog story! We have link issues the both of us. Sausage links. (Groan)

    But you know, Gid, neither of these stories is impossible. The out of proportion violence is not so hard to believe at all.

    In retrospect, the frozen hot dog thing seems obvious, but why the hell not? They're finding pretty well intact woolly mammoths far older than 150 years. Only flaw is....the ice. Mammoths in Siberia are one thing. Franks on very hot in Summer Coney Island another.

    Good stuff, though. One wonders what other more important stories CNN doesn't bother to verify....

  2. Dang, I screwed this one up! :)

    Not only is the link broken, but I inadvertently made it sound like both stories were faked and fooled CNN. The meat thermometer is actually a true story--only the hotdog was PT Barnum-ed.

    I'll jump back in and try to fix this one...

  3. Well, that explains why it seemed so beleivable. :) What a fucking weird story, come to think of it. Who brings a meat thermometer to the movies?


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