Monday, March 29, 2010

Yeah, I Know It's a Drag... But Wastin' Pigs Is Still Radical

You may have heard that a self-proclaimed Christian militia was raided over the weekend and nine arrested. According to the indictement, the group intended to kill a policeman and then attack (and kill) others at the funeral.

Apocalyptic thinking at its finest: "Preparing for the end time battles to keep the testimony of Jesus Christ alive."

Amazingly, the militia's website is still active. Now, you might not expect a group such as this to have a sense of humor, but you'd be wrong. Check out the "Beast Watch" section (itself inadvertently funny), which includes "The beast's number (humor)":


670 - Approximate number of the Beast
DCLXVI - Roman numeral of the Beast
1-900-666-0666 - Live Beasts! Call Now! Only $6.66/minute. (Must be over 18)
$665.95 - Retail price of the Beast
666 F - Oven temperature for roast Beast
666k - Retirement plan of the Beast
666 mg - Recommended Daily Allowance of Beast
666i - BMW of the Beast
668 - Next-door neighbor of the Beast

I actually found this funny and damn curious among all the serious allegations of "the mark of the beast" etc. Which leads me to ask. Can a militia who strikes my funny bone really be out to do so many dastardly deeds? Not that one has anything to do with the other....

I'm gonna hafta read that site in more detail -- while it lasts. As much as I'd like to point my finger and say a-ha! I told you so, and as much as the videos and photos of these guys supports the feds' claim, my immediate reaction was one of caution. Let's see what facts unfold. It's a given this will be seen by many as a setup and/or psy-op, but who knows? Maybe the paranoids are right.

Epistomology is such a wonderful minefield these days!


  1. Hutaree video uses the Sisters of Mercy song "Marianne" over scenes of slithering throught the woods aand shootin' off guns. Wtf indeed....

  2. The Hutaree homepage also features a link to a Patriot/Militia metal band, of all things.

  3. OK, last comment. I just re-read this post and went over to Analytics and gues how many page views there were? Yup: 666.

  4. I noted today that Sarkozy visited with Obama. Breitbart reported on the disappearing bees, and then found your post about the hexagon shape of France, the bees, and I was writing an article about DARPA, their experimentation with bees.

  5. This happens to me too, quite a bit!

    That DARPA article is something I'd like to see....any way we can read it once it's done?


  6. Yes, of course. I am working on it now.

    I live in Phoenix, btw. Nice to meet you.

  7. Nice to meet you too. I live in Aucamville, in France, but I come from Tampa and once lived in Albuquerque, among other places. I've been to Phoenix...Scottsdale mostly. I like that Praying Monk in the middle of the cities.

    Arizona's a beautful place. Flagstaff seemed a bit more bearable in terms of climate, but the area around Phoenix is very intense. Loved it.

  8. I was wondering. Where you live sounds wonderful. I used to speak French, and sing in French, but not much use for French in Az, so now I speak Spanish, I learned on my own instead.

    Your article about the map of France, the tessellations literally caused the domino affect in my mind, in which all the pieces began to fall into place. I have been studying the structure of the patriarchy for many years now, and among my own "theories' is the idea of psychological tessellations, and belief sets, in which I write how beliefs, form the structures we inhabit, and the repetition of those beliefs, I call psychological tessellations, but I won't get into that here, although I intuited that you were seeing something yourself in regards to the implications in the formation of France.

    And there is something about France, that lingers in my spirit, although I refrain from being notional, most of the time.

    Ah well, 3 am now and time to sleep.

  9. Did you live in France at some point? I agree, it is very lovely.

    Perhaps my own take on this stems from the fact I've moved so much. I can associate years and events very clearly in my mind with specific places, so the geographical and emotional and intellectual currents of my life are like everyone I suppose, intrinsically linked. Maybe for me it's just more explicit.

    Your intuition is right regarding the implications I see in the arrangement of space in France. It’s clear that since the Revolution until the present time, there has been a move to rationalize the geography of France in a manner which to me, when I began this series of posts, was symbolized by the Pyramid. The French president is much more powerful than prime ministers in other countries, the country itself much more Paris-centric.

    One of the reasons France is French stems from the Albigensian Crusade, where a more monolithic North was able to dominate the South, broken up as it was into so many squabbling holding and fiefdoms. The Counts of Foix and Toulouse were powerful, but ultimately the South was too fragmented to put up a unified front.

    The Revolutionaries and especially Napoloen wanted to change all this. This was why the departments were created, to eliminate the old regions—the Lauragais, Lomagne, Quercy, etc.—which were linked to old aristocratic patronage and create a number of departments which cut across these old allegiences. The departments answered to regions, which in turn answered to Paris. The Pyramid again. I think this, among other things, is also implicit in the eye in the triangle symbol you see presented with the Declaration of the Rights of Man.

    We also see the same thing with regional languages, which were quite deliberately stamped out to homogenize and create a national identity. Look at neighboring Spain, where Basque and Catalan are still spoken widely. This is still linked with a strong regional identity and causes endless headaches for Madrid. Violence is not unknown.

    In France, where Basque and Catalan are spoken much less, there is far less agitation for autonomy; nationalism is French Nationalism. People are proud to be Catalan, but Perpigan isn’t agitating for more self-governance a la Barcelona.

    So yeah, I think this rationalization of space is definitely linked to an “Enlightenment” mind set which involves the reorganization of government, economy (laissez-faire capitalism) and science. The adoption of the metric system was a Revolutionary act aimed at harmonizing measurement, creating national harmony and of course facilitating commerce.

    I also think one cannot study this period without understanding Freemasonry, which embodies the more abstract ideals. The rough ashlar, or unworked stone is both man and nature. The Mason wanted to shape it, perfect it. This flies in the face of the old theistic models that God’s creation cannot be improved or was a mash-up up uncontrollable forces.

    Oddly for me, Masonry is like Newton. There is an ordered universe, but Newton was something of a mystic….a full-on mystic really. The language of God could be ascertained, perhaps, but it was not so plain to see. It was in the most literal sense an occult knowledge to be decrypted.

  10. I think that this period of Rationalism in and off itself had some mystical aspects and a faith in science, reason and an ongoing neo-Platonic tendency to believe that within the morass ther were perfect forms to be revealed.

    So definitely, this organization of France is part and parcel of that. I think there’s a lot more to it, but I’m a bit of a simple soul and a lot of it eludes me! I have a feeling that when I get to reading (another commenter) Terry Melanson’s book on the Illuminati entitled “Perfectibilists”, I will find some surprising corollaries with my own conclusions.

    Anyway, just a recap of what I was groping towards at the time I did the Hexagon post. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment. I think your term “psychological tessellations” is perfect and is exactly what I’m on about, a fact I tend to forget in my worst posts, usually those about contemporary politics, for some reason…. :)

  11. Thank you so much for sharing these thoughts with me. I have been working long hours today, but I am so grateful for both of you. I do not know the history of France at all, but discovering what you have written here is compelling, and my mind is racing at the moment. I can feel it doing it's work...I had to find a place that would clarify my theory, and never did I believe it would be France. So it really is about France, and I haven't even begun to study it? Except a brief look at the black stone, and the Cathars, oh yes, and Petronilla--but that was for another project--I was studying circumambulation.
    We see it from Mecca to CERN.

    I will be back.... much to think about tonight.
    No, I have never been to France. But I feel a certain resonance with it. Difficult to explain. It could have been "Depuis le Jour" for all I know. lol!

    Thank you!! What you are saying is that the structure, the tessellation- homogenized beliefs, and beliefs in turn, feed and maintain the structure. Beliefs for the most part can be defined as undifferentiated emotion (but not always of course). If a person believed the triangle was a sacred form, then the form became the blueprint for the society, but if the form was merely a form what is the form leading to? It obviously is a structural belief, not systemic in terms of the systems of nature. Now however that I have seen the honeycomb, the honey, the bees?
    I wondered last night if we weren't living more like insects.

    ha! I was very tired.

  12. "If a person believed the triangle was a sacred form, then the form became the blueprint for the society, but if the form was merely a form what is the form leading to?"

    I'm not sure what is the cause and what is the effect here, to be honest!

    What is the reference to the black stone...Mecca I know, but CERN?

  13. I've just removed 2 spam comments I received over the last few days....hope this doesn't become a trend. sigh.


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