Thursday, July 29, 2010

Les Saintes Puelles, once again

For some reason, Google hasn't indexed my post on Les Saintes Puelles, so I'm gonna link to it in a new post and see what happens. Kind of a test.....

Les Saintes Puelles


  1. So Gidly, interesting discovery. When I now Google "les saintes puelles" this posts pops up....the original post still does not. My theory is that this is because I "over-posted" with the Vierges Noires post on the same day as the original.

    I'm not sure why this would be so, but it's odd a post called "les saintes puelles" doesn't appear on Google but one entitled "les saintes puelles, once again"....does.

    So, we should be careful not to post on the same day, as this might prevent people from finding our content....

  2. That is very peculiar. I see the same result in my Google searches.

    I respectfully disagree with your theory, but I do not have an alternative theory, and I certainly am happy to try to avoid overposting.

    I will somewhat teasingly ask (while begging your forgiveness for my facetiousness): What is a day?

    Obviously, it is sunrise to sunrise.

    Yet the sunrises 6 hours early for you than it does for me, for we live about 6k miles away from each other, which is about 1/4 of the way around the Earth.

    So for us to pace posts one day apart ... this is not as simple as it might seem.

    (Remember, mate, I'm teasing...) :)

  3. I think we need to synchronize our computers with Greenwich Mean Time or make some sort of elaborate link with an atomic clock somewheres...I will look into the sophisticated technology we'll need for this new endeavour.

    Also, why do you disagree with my theory?

    Finally, I need this book: "Histoire des Saintes Puelles et de leur culte". A general call to the masses in case anyone has a copy lying about! (Joke) There's a copy in a library here but it can only be consulted on site...not impossible, but inconvenient...

  4. Well, it would be a silly thing to argue about, but why would Google refuse to index entries on the basis of the rapidity of a following entry?

    Lots of blogs have more than one post a day ... It seems to me that you noticed two odd things (1. two posts in one day; 2. a post that wasn't indexed) and assumed that the two odd points must be correlated. There's probably a word for that other than conspiracy-minded. :)

    (I am kidding, Daurade.)

    On another note, can you really sit down and read a book in French? Holy cow, man, that's a like a superpower!

  5. As for the indexing thing, you may be right. If not that, I wonder why?

    And yeah, I can sit down and read in French. Call me Capt. Gallica!

  6. Researching the follow-up to this post, having now read "Histoire des Saintes Puelles et de leur culte" and visited Puelles/Sanzornin in Asturias, I see that the original in question is now indexed....


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