Wednesday, August 4, 2010

An intellectual regarded disparagingly, as being impractical, officious, pedantic, etc.

Back in March we looked at some photos which appear to project an aura of sanctity around political figures; whether this is propaganda to make politicians seem holy or merely photographers goofing about--my take--is another question.

In light of that precedent, I wanted to post this pic, from Drudge Report (yeah, I peep it regularly).

I assume Drudge chose this pic in order to:

  • Link Obama with the triangle and/or pyramid in order to reinforce the idea among readers that Obama is a tool of the NWO.
  • Or, alternately, he's using a visual metaphor to say Obama's a pointy-head, aka an intellectual. You know, one of those out-of-touch liberal types who want to force you to pay for like, other peoples' abortions n' stuff.
  • Or, because it kind of implies a Klan robe and hood, but in black! Whitey beware!
  • Or all the above....or none.
Maybe, obsessed by triangles, I'm seeing something meaningful in a standard photo taken at a speech. Given the strong association of the symbol with Freemasonry and/or the Illuminati, however, I doubt it. A message is being sent....and if it's garbled, all the better....plausible denial....

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  1. So if the iconic backdrop on a picture of Obama is considered to cast him in a "good" light (allegorically), it is just "merely photographers goofing about", but if the reverse is true, it must have an intentional, sinister meaning? ;)

  2. Touché!

    Remember, the intentionality I speak of here is not on the part of the photographers, but Drudge. I've been peeping that site for a while and he (his people) definitely word headlines and group stories together to create an ongoing narrative; pics are used sparingly and again, are definitely there to reinforce the tone of that day's stories in a more overtly editorial manner than say, the Tampa Tribune. (Of course, all newspapers do this, but Drudge, as a more unabashed muckraker-type, takes it a bit further).

    Also, I would still say the photographers are "goofing about"; rather, I should amend that to say experimenting with composition and symbolism. If I were a phtographer and a spotlight created a nimbus around someone, I would probably try to capture it, no matter who the person was. Not trying to imply someone is holy, but it does make for an interesting composition. The associations will go on their own accord.

    Maybe I'm wrong here. In any event, this pic does seem to make it look as if Obama's head is the eye in a big black pyramid. Drudge might not have intended anything here but I certainly picked up on that. It reinforces the long-going narrative on Drudge that stokes white insecurities about race and an intrusive government.

    That said, you're right to call me on my biases. Iv'e certainly got those!

  3. That pic also makes his shoulders look *really* big, like I totally wouldn't mess with that dude.

    And also, it reminded me of the old saying, "Does the pope wear a funny hat?"

    More seriously, tho, I agree that photographers probably think in visual aesthetics (e.g., "cool framing in that shot! see how the blocking around the shoulders and the upward momentum of the triangle reinforce the undershots sense of power") whereas editors probably focus on narratives (e.g., long-term building of links to NWO).

  4. And what of the upturned head and expression? Kind of a malevolent arrogance. The camera is tricky....I'm often surprised at the result of my pics as it captures a split second of a facial gesture in motion....people come out looking drunk or furious or something not at all what they looked like "live."

    Maybe the camera reveals the face behind the mask? I think it's more a case of putting another mask (static) on the face (elastic).


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