Monday, December 20, 2010

The foot mystery continues

A 10th foot has washed ashore off the West Coast, this time near Tacoma, Washington.  Don't know if we can speculate any further on this as the police haven't turned up evidence of foul play in any of the cases....

Any theories?  See our tags (Canada and feet) for the posts we've already made on the subject.

Recent news articles via Google.


  1. Here's a thoughtful, albeit outdated, article on the feet with a couple facts I didn't know, including the pre-feet-wash-ups discovery of a footless body and the news that foot number was identified, although not named (presumably a suicide):

  2. "the news that foot number was identified" ...

    I meant to say "that foot number one was identified".

  3. I'm nearly certain this was mentioned in a previous comment or linked to.....still, quite an oversight that it hasn't been given further space on LoS....

    I'm pretty much thru speculating on all this though. Just keeping current with the post for form's sake.

    Glad to hear the lovely Cpl. Annie Linteau (RCMP spokesperson) is still on the case.

    Quote from her bio:

    "When not working, Annie likes running and going swimming with her family."

    Sounds suspicious to me....


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