Saturday, December 4, 2010

Ham, eggs, comments and spam

Daurade here.

Due to 2 spam comments within the last week, I've decided to try out word verification for commenting.  You know, so that in order to comment, an image with randomly-generated letters appears, letters you then have to type into a box before you can post.  I hate to have to do it, but it's better than having "comments" appear which are in fact ads for RX drugs or bestiality porn (true!)

Hope the new procedure doesn't dissuade any actual commenters.....

Not that there are many anyway, except for friends of ours and the occasional sympathetic ear, sometimes someone who wants to take a crack at us.  But even more of the jabs would be welcome.  Since I added the Google hit counter in June there've been over 13.5 thousand visits to LoS.  Nearly 5,000 in the past 30 days.  Small taters really, but not too shabby.  But nary a peep from those visitors.

I should probably be grateful that it translates into so few comments---would be hard to keep up otherwise.

But still, it's always gratifying to know we're not pissing in the wind....

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