Saturday, January 29, 2011

Shotgun Willie

Long as we're going on about pies & tea and whatnot, reckon we might as well share this somewhat overlooked stoner country classic:


  1. Cool tune....years of growing up listening to country music stations whenever I rode in the car or worked in the garage and I don't recall ever hearing this one.

  2. Rode in the car or worked in the garage with my dad that is.

  3. In addition to being the title track to Willie's '73 album, "Shotgun Willie" is also apparently the name of the self-proclaimed "best strip club in Denver".

  4. Hard for me not to think that this tune was influenced by Bonnie Raitt's great album "Give it Up", that mixture of country and blues with a tinge of New Orlean's funky-ness ...

    Pretty great looking line up of songs on this Willie Nelson album, btw; I'll need to pick this one up:

    Side one

    1. "Shotgun Willie" – 2:41
    2. "Whiskey River" (Johnny Bush, Paul Stroud) – 4:02
    3. "Sad Songs and Waltzes" – 3:06
    4. "Local Memory" – 2:18
    5. "Slow Down Old World" – 2:49
    6. "Stay All Night (Stay a Little Longer)" (Bob Wills, Tommy Duncan) – 2:32

    Side two

    1. "Devil in a Sleepin' Bag" – 2:38
    2. "She's Not for You" – 3:12
    3. "Bubbles in My Beer" (Wills, Cindy Walker, Duncan) – 2:32
    4. "You Look Like the Devil" (Leon Russell) – 3:28
    5. "So Much to Do" – 3:06
    6. "A Song for You" (Russell) – 4:23

  5. Yeah, the song certainly has a funkiness to it, the horns esp. Willie was busting out of the strict country/western format a long time ago. Terrible how popular country music has for the most part turned into such shit. Linda Ronstandt put out a great album not too long ago, Wille still makes decent records. Other than that? Most country I can listen is is the alt-country stuff. I hate that flag-waving boot scoot bullshit that passes for country these days.

    Last year I got turned onto a song called "Ash Can Blues" by Cliff Carlisle. White 1930's blues, with yodeling. Amazing song if you can snag it.


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