Thursday, May 5, 2011

In the kingdom of the blind, the one-eyed man is king

Guess what?  French conspiracy theorists are as gullible as English-speaking ones.  I never cease to be amazed at the lack of caution by these people.  The following video was shown to me by a friend, and consists of an extended interview by a retired philosophy professor and graduate of the Sorbonne by the name of Pierre Dortiguier.  The video is entitled Pierre Dortiguier sur la Franc-maçonnerie and as you can see by following the link to this title, the video has been widely diffused and referred to among the French conspiracy theory/anti-globalization community.

In the video, Dortiguier speaks about the Temple de la Sagesse Supreme, or the so-called "Illuminati Pyramid" in Blagnac located at the Place de la Revolution near Toulouse.  (As far as I know, LoS was the first to publish photographs of this on the internet, although there had been a rather shoddy video posted on Daily Motion).

His theory is that the pyramid is rife with homages to the number 11, which he says can be seen in the number of layers in the pyramid itself.  There are in fact 13 layers, including the capstone, but two of these extend beyond the house-like structure symbolizing the state so one could argue, I suppose, that the number 11 is therein present.

His point of departure, however, are the two tablets in front of the pyramid which portray the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen.  These tablets resemble the Ten Commandments, or Decalogue, as traditionally portrayed in Western art.  They are (or were) composed of 12 independent panels.  As we reported back in April (....and then bomb it.) the monument was vandalized with spray paint.  On July 24, 2010 we reported (Smash it Up) that it had also been vandalized or damaged when one of the panels had been removed.  Thus the 12 original panels are now 11.

And with this number Dortiguier is off to the races.  He says that according to Saint Augustine, the number 11 represents a rebellion against the Decalogue.  Thus these "Decalogue-like" tablets, here replaced with the Declaration, represent a usurpation of the laws of God by the laws of man.  A secular and Masonic rebellion.  He then goes on and connects this to September 11, which of course, was a plot.

Sadly, the entire theory is predicated on complete and total ignorance of the facts.  The monument was designed with 12 panels.  As 12 is a thoroughly Biblical number, I doubt it signifies a rebellion against the law of Moses.

Now, one could say that by using this form and replacinng the Ten Commandments with the Declaration is in fact a thumb in the eye of religion, representing a more humanist moral order.  This is a valid interpretation.  But Dortiguier, quite simply, is talking bullshit.  Linking this to September 11 is galling (or gauling, perhaps).  To see it so widely circulated is a sad comment on affairs.  These people have never seen the monument.  They are simply jumping to conclusions based upon the convincing intellectual patter of an "expert".

I, my French friends, I have seen this monument.  There were 12 panels.  They have nothing to do with September 11.  The number of panels has nothing to do with mystical Masonic symbolism

Anyway, here's that video, retitled Pierre Dortiguier : La Franc-maçonnerie et le chiffre 11.  And just after a photo of the undamaged monument....

Pierre Dortiguier : La Franc-maçonnerie et le... par Super_Resistence

I iz a Masonic plot

I have copied the following entries from an online version of Mackey's Encyclopedia but have verified them against my own, original copy. 


In the Prestonian lectures, eleven was a mystical number, and was the final series of steps in the winding stairs of the Fellow Craft, which were said to consist of 3, 5, 7, 9, and 11. The eleven was referred to the eleven apostles after the defection of Judas, and to the eleven sons of Jacob after Joseph went into Egypt. But when the lectures were revived by Henning, the eleven was struck out. In Templar Freemasonry, however, eleven is still significant as being the constitutional number required to open a Commandery; and here it is evidently allusive of the eleven true disciples.


The most important symbolic or sacred numbers in Freemasonry are three, five, seven, nine, twenty-seven and eighty-one.

So, I'm not sure why this guy think the 11 represents what he claims it does or why it would form the essential numerological symbolism of a monument, especially, as we have seen, 11 really isn't in it anyway. 

Such is the convoluted logic of the ignorant and the deluded.  Fortunately, these people have a secret weapon:  their knowledge that everything a Mason says publicly is a lie.  So, the Encyclopedia be damned. 11 is a particularly special number indeed, it's just a secret.  And if a Mason tells you otherwise, he's either lying or not in on it.  So no amount of fact or reason will convince them of anything.  The blind lead the stupid.

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