Thursday, May 31, 2012

Another Canadian Foot

We've been, er, tracking the mysterious incidents of feet washing up on the Canadian shores. Like a pair of regular gumshoes you might say...

Two relatively recent stories tied into this tale. First, it seems that debris from Japan's 2011 tsunami took about a year to drift to the Pacific Northwest coast of North America, which begs further speculation into the supposition that the shoe-clad feet washing up the Pacific Northwest coast of Canada may have drifted from far away and long ago.

Second, "what appears to be a human foot mailed to the headquarters of the ruling Conservative Party."

I'm not aware of any publicly disclosed motive or accompanying messages--but it's hard not to think that this was not intended to reference the feet washing up on Canadian shores.

Although a hand was mailed, too--which is again, grizzly enough, a topic we've mulled upon here at large.

Canada's certainly starting to put the "dark" into the dark, north woods...

We still have no theories, have given on hypothesizing, and have moved on to merely noting the facts as they continue to unfold.

But please, share your theories here!


  1. That is fucking a serious bit of hate mail. You've gotta keep on top of this one Gid.

    To whit:

    "Canadian police on Wednesday named a man with a bizarre Internet trail as an alleged kitten-killer and bisexual porn star as their suspect in a gruesome case involving a dismembered torso, mailed-out body parts, and what one senior officer said was the worst crime scene his force has ever seen."


      Apparently the alleged killer dated a notorious Canadian "sex killer" named Karla Homolka. There's also a video of the porn actor killing a guy, dismembering the corpse and masturbating with a severed arm, before performing another "sex act" on the corpse.

      This guy must have taken the same LSD as the Miami cannibal/zombie....

  2. The other hand and foot have turned up, but the head remains at large.

    Magnotta has an extensive internet trail as a gay escort, a bisexual porn star and alleged kitten killer

    My post on this and the other canibals of Week #21 is forthcoming, s-l-o-w-l-y.

    1. My guess is cuz the CDC features prominently in Season 1 of The Walking Dead....they know good publicity when they see it! You know, the last decade has seen a truly staggering number of Zombie Apocalypse films, all traceable to George Romero I think. I'd wager that except for The Last Man, the idea of the Zombie prior to this was mostly based around the Haitian concept, along with the "savage" aspect of Voodoo practice. Romero turned this on its head....the hero of NOTLD is a black dude!

      Hopefully my post on this topic will come out soon. I'm having trouble tying it all up though....


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