Wednesday, May 23, 2012

"Barack Obama is the Antichrist!"

So sayeth the mad!

Snarky photo used by Huff Po to illustrate an article entitled HOLY WAR:  Notre Dame Sues Obama ....because his health care program mandates covering birth control.  Every sperm is sacred as they say.

And wouldn't it be wild if Notre Dame, Our Lady Mary were in fact actually suing Obama.

It looks to me like Obama and Jesus are dancing a sardana.  Which is not to be confused with the sardine, a "small, oily fish" related to the herring.  As in red herring.

More of the same about pix which mix the sacred with the profane:


  1. That Angry Mary seems like a Meme waiting to happen.

    1. Yes! What would she be saying though?

      "Eugene?! Why you eat that man's face off?"

      (I'm slightly obsessed with that story right now. It's so over-the-top it's hard to feel the reality of it. What disturbs me most is my attitude: "Eh? Typical Florida. Doesn't surprise me at all" We come from a weird, dark and violent place.)

      Name: TA Wilson
      Age: 41
      Marital status: Single
      Occupation: Mary Meme Maker.

    2. Just wrote this on FB

      "Totally crazy. I realize that coming from Florida has made me immune, somewhat, to this kind of crazy shit. I'm not surprised by it, just another weird Florida crime. I remember when I moved back to Florida at age 12, they'd just found Adam Walsh's head floating in the Hillsborough River and I recall reading of a person found in a dumpster with their eyes gouged out. Reading about that kind of stuff for the next ten years kind of ups the ante on violence."

      TA, Gid, as fellow Floridians, what's your take on this?

    3. If it had to happen somewhere, it had to happen in Florida. I was actually born not too far away from there.

      Interesting that it's blamed on drugs. There's a drug out there that causes people to eat other people? Could this drug be in saliva and enter through blood, so that when you're bitten by someone--you go off and start eating other people, too? Sounds a lot like World War Z!

      Actually, though, I have to say that this story kinda horrifies me, definitely steps up the "Florida crazy" by several notches if you ask me. You know the guy who came across the attack and flagged down the cops says he might move back to New York because he never saw anything this crazy back there.

    4. I'm horrified and shocked, but not surprised, if that makes sense. But yeah, it does take it up a notch.

      The whole drug theory has me suspicious, but I don't entirely discount it. They seem a bit quick to throw down a drug-related cause. First is was cocaine psychosis and then some kind of mutant LSD. Next it'll be too much coffee.

      I'm eager to see what the autopsy reveals.

    5. Now, apparently, the guy was high on Bath Salts.

      Two wild headlines from the case:

      1. Sister of Miami cannibal’s victim thought her brother died years ago

      2. Miami cannibal attacker Rudy Eugene was drugged or cursed: girlfriend

    6. Maryland man charged with killing, eating man's brain, heart,0,7735574,full.story

      Looks like we have a cluster of total violent weirdness going on. Miami Cannibal, Baltimore Cannibal, man whacking off with severed arm in Canada. WTF?

  2. Interesting take-down of the "Obama is the anti-Christ" video (which can be viewed from the link):

  3. This has quickly become the most visited post on LoS, with "Obama is the Antichrist" becoming one of the top queries leding people here. That is a sad sign of the times.

  4. Strangely, though, it's not showing up in the "Popular Posts" sidebar.

    Curious, too, that people aren't commenting. Perhaps we took the conversation into too weird of a direction?

    At any rate, we are definitely living in a time when people are expecting the end of the world.

  5. Gidly, it's not in the sidebar cuz it's not an "all time high". If the trend continues, it'll get there. I think people aren't commenting because it's probably not at all what they're expecting when they Google "Obama is the Antichrist." Which is, I suspect, a confirmation of that belief. They're looking for evidence they can use to spur on the debate at their local church or patriot weekend get-together I imagine.

    Plus, it's not much of a post. What would be cool (hint) is a survey of historical figures widely beleived to be the anti-Christ. This is an age obsessed with the end of days, but not the first such age. Apocalyptic panic has seized the West on numerous occasions. 1000 AD comes to mind.

    I'm sure good books exist on this. A survey of anti-Christ suspects would be cool though.


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