Thursday, December 20, 2012

The devil you say

At the risk of being dreadfully inappropriate, I draw your attention to the following video from CNN.  This article about the memorial to Vicki Soto includes a photomontage with the following image, about 55 seconds in.

Soto was a teacher killed in the Newtown shooting and is widely being hailed as a hero after locking her students in a bathroom and standing guard outside the door.

Another version from ABC News prudently crops the photo so the offending hand doesn't appear, whether by chance or design, who can say? (about 52 seconds in).

I don't know who first saw this, or created the photo still, but I saw it on my Facebook newsfeed.

A strange photobomb indeed.

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  1. 'I am the devil': Former classmate reveals school gunman had 'online devil worshiping page' as childhood barber recounts how he never spoke and just stared at floors

    Odd bit of hearsay. Where is that "I am the devil" quote from? Doesn't appear in the article. Somehow links it to Aurora: "I am the Joker" and Clackamas: "I am the shooter".

    Also, along with the video game theme in recent comments:

    Killer’s basement his eerie lair of violent video games


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