Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Merry Clackamas

Yesterday a young man killed two people before turning the gun on himself in an Oregon mall.  He was 22 and his name was Jacob Tyler Roberts.  (article)

What is Loren Coleman going to say about this one....

Two things that strike me.  It took place in Clackamas, a name which sounds like some parody of the word Christmas.  Articles on the shooting never fail to mention Christmas shopping, naturally, and of course, mall Santas.

Second is that the shooter's name is Jacob, which in Arabic is يَعْقُوب, or Yaʿqūb, sometimes said to mean...."leg-puller"!  What actually struck me first is that his middle name, Tyler, is also the title of the guardian of a Masonic Lodge.

I call it coincidence.  Others will go to town and call it "synchromysticism."  I've gone into this topic quite a bit in the past, so I won't repeat myself here.  Needless to say, one doesn't need a Masonic "link" to call it part of a conspiracy.  But it helps get the ball rolling.

Curiously, Tyler has appeared on LoS before.  John Tyler was mentioned by the Gid back in January and in 2009 we wrote about Tyler Hayes Weinman, falsely-accused of being a serial cat killer.

Clackamas is named after a local Indian tribe.  On another LoS-related note, a fallen stone called the Willamette Meteorite

was apparently venerated by the Clackamas tribe inhabiting the area where it was found. The Confederated Tribes of the Grand Ronde Community of Oregon, a confederation of Native American tribes, used the meteorite, which they call Tomanowos, in ceremonies.... 

Tomanowos, or the Sky Person, is believed to be a messenger from the sky god.  It is also considered to be a union of heaven, earth and the waters.  While some might tempted to scoff at this as a kind of dumb animism, please take a look at Journey to the Center of the Earth, where we take a look at the idea of the stone as axis mundi, or "world navel" (omphalos) which has an important place not only in Greek and Roman mythology, but in Islam (al-Hajar-ul-Aswad), Judaism (the Foundation Stone) and Christianity (St. Peter).  Of course, a messenger from God is just another way to describe a prophet or patriarch, like Jacob.  The stones we mention here are believed to be the center of the world.  The shooting was at Clackamas Town Center....

I seem to be in the process of becoming a nexus myself--Toulouse has a Grande Ronde (looking all the world in satellite photos like an enormous circumpunct, symbol of the Illuminati and an emphasis on the center).

The Clackamas tribe also operates an enormous casino called Spirit Mountain....

A lot more could be constructed on the topic; I could easily search for more coincidences and construct some weird Fortean scenario.  I seem to see the number 20 appearing a lot in this story.  The of course there's Jacob's Ladder, a 1990 film about Vietnam Vets flipping out years after having been the unknowing guinea pigs in mind control experiments involving powerful psychedelics administered by the US government....

Even weirder, though, really, is that the US continues to experience so many shootings of this nature.

Coleman will be interesting to follow on this one as an exercise in controlled paranoia.  There are apparently some similarities to the shootings in Aurora, Colorado, such as the looming presence of a Century cinema, the black military vest and mask worn by the shooter, his eerily calm demeanor, a nearby military base.  This latter, Camp Withycombe, was originally known as Clackamas Rifle Range.  The mask is being described as a hockey mask, white like Jason's in Friday the 13th.  As in the case of James Eagan Holmes, said to be imitating the Joker from the Dark Knight film, this fact may be used as grist for the mind-control-via-cinema game.

I wouldn't be surprised if Roberts had been seeing a psychiatrist, or that he had some scientific or military connection.  I wonder too if he's wearing a keffiyeh (black and white for Palestine) in that photo above, and what, if anything will be made of that.  I also wonder what people will say about his ethnicity, whose features have a distinct Asian [or native American?] appearance.  I wonder if his father will turn out to be a soldier?  What will be made of his announcement:  "I am the shooter" ?  The shooter.  As if he were turning up to say he was the pool guy.

We'll let more motivated people get busy on this story.  These are just some random observations.  If everything is connected, that's natural.  We have after all, on some level chosen what to perceive and then associate.  One more footnote in my ongoing theses that perception is by it's very nature an organizing process, of simultaneous removal and addition.  After all is constructed and written, nothing can seem random.  We are tessellating, or tiling nature.


  1. Just for the Record, I'm not lumping Coleman into the bin with the multiude of synchromystics out there. He's a sharp cat and as he once wrote in response to a query of mine, these coincidences do exist and pile up, sometimes getting weird. He doesn't claim to know what it all means. He's also pretty good at detecting patterns, violence clsusters and copycat elements, sans mumbo-jumbo. I think we have different takes on the data out there, but I always learn something interesting, raising a quizzical Spock eyebrow like a martini glass. His readers often point out some rather odd stuff, too. Anyway, he's not offering "proof", merely observations, free-asociation, wonder, humor, compassion. Not a regular stop in my day but whenever a shooting occurs, I always check him out after I've formulated my own ideas and I almost always develop one point or fact I picked from his post or the comments.

    In this case a comment caused me to mention the cinema, which I'd noted but hadn't pondered (Enki) and a omment by Coleman, quoting Wikipedia on the meteorite. He doesn't develop the quote though.

  2. Oh, I see after looking again it was Enki who first mentioned the meteorite.

  3. Also, articles I've read are reporting people as saying they heard about 60 that point, who'd be counting? This was relayed by a rather promient sports columnist, John Canzano, who pulled up to the mall during the mayhem.
    Police stimate at least 20 shots...Century 20 cinema, 20 significant years in the marriage of Jacob and Rebekah....

  4. A-ha! According to my stats "jacob tyler roberts ethnicity" has led to 5 page visits. Now we'll see if "jacob tyler roberts keffiyeh" turns up....

    Also, Roberts apparently recently inherited some money and was planning to go to Hawaii. Maybe he's hot family there. If he's Hawaiian, that would be the second time a Hawaiian killer has shown up on LoS in the last month.

    He was described as polite and even-keeled....

  5. Leftism and Evil

    "Though we don't yet know what motivated Jacob Tyler Roberts to go on a shooting rampage in a Portland, Oregon shopping mall on December 11, that killed two people before he committed suicide, the item that he's wearing on his shoulders in the above picture gives us a strong clue.

    That's a Palestinian Keffiyeh or scarf that's become a popular symbol of rebellion among leftists and anarchists in the western world."

    Yup. Figgered that would be the response....

  6. Wow: "jacob tyler roberts ethnicity" has led to 70 page visits as of this moment.

    I say in the post he looks Asian, but he could easily be of Native American or Hispanic desent.

    Not that this is important, in and of itself; I'm merely speculating because I knew it would certainly arouse people's curiosity. One day afer this post, it has become the number 1 keyword search leading to LoS....


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