Friday, January 18, 2013

“How much of what she says do you think is true?”

Today I hopped over the the Dangerous Minds website to look at an old Devo video and I see a link to:  Brice Taylor: Mind-controlled Sex Slave of the CIA, Bob Hope and Henry Kissinger.  How timely, eh?  And by utter chance. The Unseen Hand guided me there....God obviously wants me to spread the word....

The following video is available on You Tube and was originally made for Richard Metzger's Disinformation TV show.  His background coments are enlightening.

Enjoy the weirdness!


  1. Haven't watched the video yet, but did read/scan the book. Couldn't really read it deeply as it was obviously a fabrication. No publishing house would touch it, I'm sure for fear of being sued.

    The tell? The fact that she's long on sexcapade details, but says nothing of the thousands of top secret files that she was supposedly shown and trained to memorize. I'm sorry that people get taken in by this sort of thing.

    1. Fooey! Blogger bugged out and my response was lost.

      Basically I said that I agree it's a shame, because MKULTRA was an insiduous program and this kind of book makes it seem like anyone who discuss it is a bit kooky, leading me to wonder if it's not part of a disinfo campaign. What's the quote? "The disclosure is the cover-up, the cover-up is the disclosure." Something like that. Then again, there's no shortage of kooks out there.

      Also wondered what you thought of Argo and Zero Dark Thirty being out at the same time. Argo is a film about a cia-funded film/psy-op called....Argo! Revelation of the method, or coincidence? Why does Hollywood want us to love he CIA all of a sudden? Both pretty good films though!

      Finally, I neglected to link to Metzger's site, which I'll rectify posthaste cuz his back story is interesting....

    2. Haven't seen the movies, but my initial perception is that they're just another installment of American jingoism, especially Argo. Someone has to be demonized so that we look good. Kind of like Rodney Dangerfield telling folks to hang out with fat people as they make you look skinnier. Zero Dark Thirty on the other hand is the incessent need to shore up public opinion on what is essentially a national myth - the death of bin Laden. But who was killed exactly? Usama, Osama, or someone else entirely?

    3. I saw both this past week and to be honest, they're both pretty entertaining films. Typically American, though, in that they both reduce the story to one centered around a troubled yet brilliant, slightly renegade, lone-wolf agent. Makes it easier to identify and sympathize with, taking the edge off the fact that it's the CIA.

      A brief thought about Argo....Spoiler ahead:

      In a key scene just before the escape of the 6 Americans, they use fake story boards to explain the fake film they're working on. In the opening of the film, not the false Argo but the Argo we're watching, the same style storyboards are used to explain the context of the Iranian Revolution, which is rife with factual errors. So maybe this is their way of saying everything in this film is fake, a fiction.

      In light of what we know about the Iran-Contra affair and the likelihood it was all made possible by a CIA-brokered deal to delay the release of the hostages to get their pal Reagan elected, it's pretty infuriating.

      As for Zero Dark Thirty, it accepts the death of Bin Laden story without hesitation. It makes up for the fact that in real-life there are no photos (which as we've already discussed are suspect), no body, just "we go Bin Laden" and a swift burial at sea. Forgive me for not putting on my party hat!

      Seeing as the CIA trained and paid Hussein, Bin Laden, the Taliban, we have to wonder if they are either a) grossly incompetent or b) very competently creating the future enemy that will justify enormous spending, war for oil, a reduction of civil liberties etc. When's that CIA film gonna come out?


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