Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Back atcha

As I mentioned in a recent post, reddit has recently sent some traffic our way.  It's always nice to see that people feel what we're doing is worthwhile (or shitty) enough to bring to other people's attention.  The comments on one of these links aren't all positive, but it doesn't so much matter whether the opinion is good or bad, as long as people are talking about the posts and, more importantly, the topics.  The comments are kind of fascinating; comments people leave here on LoS are usually positive, so I like seeing what people are saying when they aren't saying it to our face, so to speak.  Plus, I don't take the negative stuff too hard, it suggests ways we can improve what we do.

Although some of the responses were critical, the person who shared the link has a generally favorable opinion of our post:  More on Grand Master Flash, and the Masonic Fraternal Police Department Story

Someone else linked to LoS in a comment about Eblen's Cave: Tennessee Cave Degree.  The guy who left this comment also commented on the previous link, so I suppose we can assume he came across the cave post as a result of visiting the blog via the police post.  Cool!

Finally, it's very flattering to be included in Phoenixmasonry's list of "popular Masonic blogs".  I don't know how popular we are and we're not a specifically Masonic blog, but I think we do have an interesting approach to Freemasonry.  I'm glad LoS' profile is rising -- it's a good reminder to keep things tight -- people who know their stuff won't hesitate to tear us apart if we post BS.  All without allowing this increased scrutiny to overly-influence our style and opinions!

Anyway, just thought I'd pop this up to demonstrate the value of site stats and hopefully send some visitors over to these sites which have shown an interest in our work....

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