Wednesday, March 11, 2009

5 human heads discovered in ice chests in central Mexico

Story Highlights:
  • Grisly find appears to be latest sign of drug cartels in region fighting for supremacy
  • Each head was found in a separate ice chest with eyes taped shut
  • Chests contained messages such as: "Like these, I am going to finish everyone"
  • Ice chests found under ficus tree beside road leading to city of Guadalajara
CNN article here.


  1. 1. Creepy photo.

    2. Eyes taped shut?

    3. Was there ice in the cooler?

    4. If you took 2 teeth from each head, you could visit Walmart & fill up a wallet:


    "Hired guns and people who make murder's evidence disappear by dissolving bodies in acid have become some of Mexico's best-paid jobs, with dozens of killings blamed on drug cartels every day ... Santiago Meza Lopez, also known as "pozolero," a nickname grimly derived from a famous Mexican soup, who ... gained notoriety after admitting that he had made about 300 bodies, victims of murderers for hire, 'disappear' by dissolving them in acid ..."

  3. Human skull piece found in Turkish 'acid well'


  4. Nine bodies found in common grave near Ciudad Juarez, Mexico


  5. Reta, in Spanish street slang, describes his initiation as an assassin, at the age of 13, for the Mexican Gulf Cartel, one of the country's two major drug gangs.

    I thought I was Superman. I loved doing it, killing that first person, Reta says on the videotape obtained by CNN. They tried to take the gun away, but it was like taking candy from kid.

  6. I'm partial to decapitations and acid baths in my fictional world anyway, but it was only a matter of time before it all materialized.


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