Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Feet Identified

We've been following the strange story feet washing ashore on the Salish Sea shore (Pacific Northwest).

By our count:

* 10 have washed ashore since 2007
* 2 fakes have been planted
* 1 early foot was found in 1999
* 2 pairs are officially matched

And now one of the two pairs has been identified as belonging to a missing man from Surrey, England, no further details provided.

This is the third identified ... body, for lack of a better word.

Interestingly, as the incidents have become more numerous, the officially released details have been become more vague. Early on, shoe size, left/right, color, make, and gender were identified. The 2 most recent findings seem to have been reported without a left/right designation; 3 of the 5 most recent reports seemed to have failed to commit to a gender designation.

Why the increasing vagueness even as more concrete details (like matches to actual missing people) are apparently being discovered?


  1. Link to the article: Two more mystery feet identified

    Do you suppose the vagueness is to guard deets which could be used to ensnare a killer? Would it be in the interest of the police to say no foul play was suspected in order to lull a killer into a false sense of ease?

    These questions popped into my head but I think it's unlikely....if a killer were suspected I think the police would want to try and warn people (jogging near waterways?) to take extra precautions. ?


  2. Blogger is often a big fat piece of shit, I've come to learn.


  3. Cool find SD....will try to watch this!

  4. @ comments 1 & 2: You being impersonated, Daurade?

    As for the big fat piece of shit, Anoymous, I've been known to lay down a 14 incher, easily as big as your forearm.

    But why the complaints on this post? Did I say something that's not true?

  5. @ SD: Nice. I only seem to see a 2 minute sample video on the site? Am I doing it wrong?

  6. @ Anoymous#1: I confess that I was misleadingly suggesting that idea, but like you, I sort of doubt it. My very best speculations wonder if there might be multiple co-existing causes:

    1. Perhaps some key details may be left out on purpose just in case there's a killer even though the possibility seems remote? For example, we no longer hear about sock color.

    2. Might some details be lost by a new sense of caution by the mounties? For example, they might they now say a "juvenile or woman's shoe" instead of assuming it's a female foot?

    3. Could some sloppy reporting be fueling my sloppy research? So, for example, when I wonder if a shoe were left or right because I didn't see these facts mentioned, I have to confess that I relied on someone else's reporting, but I didn't track down police reports, did I?

  7. Comments 1 and 2 are really from me, but Blogger was acting up and not letting me post...kept making me log back on to no avail; hence, my comment that Blogger is sometimes a turd! Not a reference to the post at all. And really, a 14-inch turd? Actually, I don't think I want any confirmation on that one....

    I think we'll have to find a downloadable version of the documentary to see the whole thing...the site only provides a trailer or teaser I think. Attn: I'm talking legal downloads, obviously. ;)

  8. Good questions Gid. I suspect it's #3. Then again, this latest article is just about the identification of the feet, not that they've just washed up. I suspect the details lacking in this report were present in the report when they were found.


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