Monday, June 27, 2011

Choco Strip 2

This new strip was was featured yesterday on Vapid Bucephalas: "Gallimaufry tin for vaporslave and knicker-bockins, widdershins, flip-flaps, chimney-knacks, swinedrivers and such."  A bit like LoS, although we generally avoid widdershins so as not to run afoul of the French legal system. 

Artist T. Wilson says: 

"Another Choco strip, one of many featuring the apparent murder of his enigmatic sidekick, DingDing — his visualization is a work in progress … "

But not to worry folks, as any Chocologist can tell you, DingDing can't really die, being as he either a hologram or a figment of Choco's imagination.

Coincidentally, the following images were posted on my facebook page an hour ago by old chum Dr. K Jensen, who wrote a post for us some time back (Sausages in suitcases: A visit to the Plum Island Animal Disease Center) and an avid collector of votive paintings from Honduran Choco Cults.

Hope you're enjoying the strip!

Choco votive painting, acrylic on canvas, Tegucigalpa, Honduras
Choco votive painting, detail


  1. Hen!

    Enjoying the ongoing saga!

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  2. I never realized Choco's loneliness ... is there no hope for the widow's son?

  3. I love those 20 words....some strnage precision for Choco, yes, there is hope but he's no widder kid, his parents are a glob of prime material and a high dose of radiation! ;)

  4. For gawd' sake, get to work on protecting your intellectual property. I think Choco will be huge; life changing for you two. Keep at it, boiz.

  5. You know, I was thinking the same thing. Dreams of Hollywood, the interview on Conan....I'm only half-joking! Thanks so much for the encouragement...I'll look into copyright along with Mr. Wilson.

  6. "his parents are a glob of prime material and a high dose of radiation!"

    And my parents are an egg and a sperm cell! ;)

  7. Gid, I thought it was a pumpkin and a jellyfish?


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